Excerpt from Rock On, by Denise Vega

Monday, January 4

So in this blog, you’ll hear from me (Nick), Orion, Troy, or Alli (aka A. Wilcox, our webqueen, as she calls herself), or maybe all of us.  We’ll try to keep you up to date on the latest and greatest.

ORION:  I’m not sure who we’re talking to since we’ve had this profile up for over a month and hardly anyone has found it. But to the two people who might read this, you should know that we are gearing up for the High School Battle of the Bands. We couldn’t do it last year because we didn’t have our band together enough, but this year we’re ready. Or we will be. The Battle is BIG. It’s HUGE. A good showing at the Battle could mean we move out of my garage (aka OT Studios) and into some serious venues.

NICK: That’s right. The countdown to the Battle begins NOW. Some past Battle winners have gone on to record and tour and that could be us. We want it to be us. It SHOULD be us!

TROY: Indeed it will be us. But first we are going to rock FX Lounge on Monday so everyone should come check us out. And I predict that soon there will be tons of people commenting on this blog.

ALLI: And they totally need a band name because they can’t go into Battle without one. Well, they can but they don’t want to, so help them out here.

ORION: And we need a bass player to go into Battle. Pronto.




I have no idea who you guys are but you sound like losers. Hey, how’s that for a band name?


One of my Facebook friends told me about you guys. I listened to the download you have and it’s really good. When will you put up the whole song?  Band name suggestions: Arrowhead, Clocked Up, Buffalo Ridge, Mangled Sweater

YOU sound like a loser, DominantSpecies. Go away.


Hey, Troy, my man! Cool profile, dude. I’ll be there next week.

Names: Mordor, Natural Enemy, DunderHeads


Hey. This site came up in a search on poetry, but I might stick around cuz I like music and it’s cool that you are doing this Battle thing.  I agree with PurpleGrrl. I hope DominantSpecies stays away.


I was doing a report on the constellations and this site came up. But I love music and Orion is cute on the Pix & Vids page. I’m in Denver so I’m hoping I can come to FX.

Names: Magnetize, Magnetic Connection, Magnetism