Welcome to Ori’s band site, Colorado Rocks! Here you’ll find excerpts from the band’s blog in the book along with cool videos and downloads.  So, if you loved the book, you’ll love getting to know Ori and the band on Colorado Rocks. Keep checking back because I will be adding stuff to the Blog and FAQ’s that wasn’t in the book. 

I had so much fun writing ROCK ON. The book was born out of my love for music and also my fascination with brothers. First off, even though I can’t play an instrument or sing worth pinto beans, I’m a huge fan of music, especially rock. My grandfather, dad, and brother all play(ed) guitar and I listened to a lot of records (yes, that’s vinyl, peeps) growing up. I’d spend hours in my room playing albums and singles over and over again until the lyrics were burned into my brain and the songs permanently attached to a particular part of my life.

In the house I live in with my family now, we have an awesome Sonos wireless sound system that lets us listen to different music in different parts of the house or outside. It’s way cool. Okay, now back to the book.

So Rock On is about Orion Taylor and his brother, Del, and what happens when Ori finds himself on the way up while Del seems to be on his way down. It’s also about Orion’s band, his friends, and a girl he likes but can’t bring himself to talk to.  Even though Ori is a super talented musician, he’s always looked up to Del, who is three years older and a total stud – great athlete, good looking, confident — everything that Orion is not. Del is used to being the one in the spotlight and when he flunks out of college and comes back home, he has some trouble watching his little brother start getting some attention for his music. And of course there’s a girl!

ROCK ON is my love letter to everyone who loves music and bands, who is afraid to talk to the guy or girl they like, and who doesn’t know how great they really are (but hopefully discovers it along the way).

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